Beatrice Asprey

Bea Asprey - Rugby World Staff Writer

Bea has been part of the staff at Rugby World since 2009. A lifelong fan of Ealing Trailfinders, Bea can also tell you everything you need to know about our fitness section.

London Welsh v Newcastle Falcons

Snap shots: The weekend’s best rugby pics

ON THE last weekend of league action before domestic rugby turns to Europe, the Aviva Premiership saw Leicester return to winning ways, as they beat Harlequins 22-16 on Friday night,…

Sweet tooth: follow Matt Lovell's advice about what to eat instead of these!

Want to lose weight? Here’s how… Part 1

Portions and protein “Cut down on the size of your portions,” says Lovell. “If you’re used to having four slices of toast for breakfast, eat three instead, and just half…

The making of the European rugby trophies

The making of the European rugby trophies

THIS SEASON will see the top 20 rugby teams in Europe compete in the brand new European Champions Cup, while a further 20 teams will play in a second tier…

When Paul O’Connell met Katie Taylor

When Paul O’Connell met Katie Taylor

WANT TO know what happened when Munster and Ireland’s Paul O’Connell met the Irish world boxing champion Katie Taylor? Then check out this video! Each athlete was given a taste…

rugby general view

Is your club short of rugby kit?

IT CAN be frustrating when you go to training, only to find that your club doesn’t have enough rugby kit for a good session. But if this sounds familiar, then…

Sébastien Chabal on the role of a prop

Sébastien Chabal on the role of a prop

EVER WONDERED what goes on in the front row? France legend Sébastien Chabal is here to explain exactly what the big men with numbers 1 and 3 on their backs…