New Zealand in Samoa

Rugby Rant: Respect the Islands

New Zealand’s historic trip to Samoa must herald a change in the tour mindset, says RW’s Alan Pearey

Bore off: Rugby's holier than thou act is getting tedious

Rugby Rant: stop dissing football!

“We don’t want to turn into Wendyball.” It’s a phrase that makes me want to snap some rugby fans’ rose-tinted spectacles over my knee. Some punters, it’s sad to say,…

Rare chance: Bucharest Wolves are one of the lucky few minnows to play European rugby

Rugby Rant: European rugby letting down minnows

Last year, one team in eight in Europe was from outside the three professional leagues. This year, it’ll be one in 20. At the most. Another day, another disappointment, as…

Time to talk: This interview was at full-time, but the half-time chat is pointless

Rugby Rant: The half-time interview is pointless

As I looked around the Stade Jean Bouin midway through the Women’s World Cup final, I noticed Magali Harvey giving a TV interview on the pitch. The half-time interview has…


Rugby Rant: Diving in the pro game

THE SAYING goes that ‘footballers spend the whole game pretending they’re hurt, whilst rugby players spend the whole game pretending they’re not’. Rugby union is an increasingly brutal, attritional game, and…