Cut down: Billy Twelvetress and his mates got 'Brumbied'

Lions 2013: Flattery gets you everywhere

WHEN MIND games start it is hard to know which tact to take. Overuse of saccharine sweet compliments, describe the opposition as clueless or just call everyone cheats? Well, when…

Bad cop landing: Andy Farrell lays down the law

Lions 2013: The silliness around spying

SOMETIMES THINGS go too far. Like the private joke said aloud too often or the headlines whenever a football team scores six goals, talk of spying, spies and undercover Aussies…

Sean O'Brien

Lions 2013: Should the Lions tour France?

EVEN THE biggest, fiercest, proudest Lions supporter would find it hard to dispute that so far the 2013 tour has been a let-down. Not quite a farce but verging on…