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• Chris Ashton is the top try scorer with 6 while Morne Steyn is the leading points scorer with 53

• Every team has scored at least three tries

• Only two sides did not score a point in a match; Namibia against South Africa and Fiji against Wales

• Ireland was the only team that managed to go through a match without missing one tackle. Against Italy they had a tackling success rate of 100%

• 16 yellow cards were dished out and one red card during the 40 pool matches

• Georgia and Romania scored the fewest tries with three whilst NZ crossed for the most, 36

• NZ had the best tackle success rate with 95%, followed closely by Scotland and Ireland with 94%

• A total of 2,024 points were scored during the 40 pool games, an average of almost 51 points per match

• South Africa made the most tackles during the pool stages with 502

• Scotland were the only team to have gone three consecutive matches without scoring a try

• Russia had the worst lineout with just 64% success

• The most tackles in a match by a team was Wales against Samoa, when they made 181, whilst Wales also made the fewest tackles in a game, just 32 against Namibia

• Only 5 games saw the losing side at half time come back to clinch the contest; England and Argentina twice, and Wales once

• A total of 23 four-try-bonus points were achieved, with NZ the only side to notch one in each of their four pool games

• South Africa were the only side that went through the pool matches with a scrum success of 100% in each and every game

• Fiji had the worst scrum with 71% though England were third worse with just 81% success

• NZ made the most metres with the ball, a whopping 2,435 with Wales a close second with 2,312 metres made

• Pool A scored the most tries with 73, Pool D 66, Pool C 65 and Pool B scored just 38 tries in total

• Pool C had the best tackling success rate with an average of 90%

• Kicking percentage has improved through the weeks, with week 1 seeing just 61% accuracy, week 2 and 3 64% and week 4 70% success rate with the boot

• Namibia had the worst tackle success rate with just 81%

• The most metres made in a match was by Wales against Namibia. They notched 941 metres, more than Georgia (929), USA (868) and Romania (731) did throughout their four games

• Scotland were the only team to have led twice going into the break, only to lose the match; against England and Argentina

• Pool A and Pool B had the best lineout success with an average of 82%

• The fewest combined points (18) were notched during the Samoa v South Africa game (13-5)

• The most combined points (94) were scored during NZ v Canada (79-15)

• Romania made the fewest metres with the ball, just 731

• 4 penalty tries were awarded throughout the 40 pool matches. Italy were awarded the most (2) while South Africa and Samoa also won one penalty try each

• Namibia conceded the most penalty tries (2) with Russia and the USA also conceding one apiece

• Almost 88% of the time, the team that led at half time went on to win the match

• Pool D made the most metres with the ball, 8,661, which was almost twice as many as Pool B, 4,885m. Yet interestingly, Pool D also made the most tackles, close to 2,000

• 47% of the total points were scored during the first half of matches (943 points), with 53% (1,078 points) being scored during the second half of games

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