2017 Six Nations fixtures

The Six Nations kicks-off with a twist. This year the venerable tournament has added bonus points, so if you score four tries or above, you get an extra point, likewise, if you are seven points or less behind the opposition you’ll pick up a point. Another change is you’ll pick up four points for a win, and if a team wins a Grand Slam, an automatic three points is added, making sure that they cannot be overtaken.

Enjoy the tournament!!

Round 1

Saturday 4th February – Scotland 27-22 Ireland – Report

Saturday 4th February – England 19-16 France Report

Sunday 5th February – Italy 7-33 Wales – Report

Defending champions: England's campaign kicks off against France

Defending champions: England’s campaign kicks off against France

Round 2

Saturday 11th February – Italy 10-63 Ireland – Report

Saturday 11th February – Wales 16-21 England – Report

Sunday 12th February – France 22-16 Scotland – Report

Round 3

Saturday 25th February – Scotland 29-13 Wales – Report

Saturday 25th February – Ireland 19-9 France – Report

Sunday 26th February – England 36-15 Italy – Report

Ariel dominance: Ireland v France always proves a brutal 80 mins

Ariel dominance: Ireland v France always proves a brutal 80 mins

Round 4

Friday 10th March – Wales 22-9 Ireland – Report

Saturday 11th March – Italy 18-40 France – Report

Saturday 11th March – England 61-21 Scotland – Report

Round 5

Saturday 18th March – Scotland 29-0 Italy – Report

Saturday 18th March – France 20-18 Wales – Report

Saturday 18th March – Ireland 13-9 England – Report

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