New Zealand in Samoa

Rugby Rant: Respect the Islands

New Zealand’s historic trip to Samoa must herald a change in the tour mindset, says RW’s Alan Pearey


Rugby World columnist: The Secret Player

The off-season has finally arrived and professional rugby players around the country are resting their battered carcasses after another long year of sponsored brutality. The length of the break varies…

Bore off: Rugby's holier than thou act is getting tedious

Rugby Rant: stop dissing football!

“We don’t want to turn into Wendyball.” It’s a phrase that makes me want to snap some rugby fans’ rose-tinted spectacles over my knee. Some punters, it’s sad to say,…

Six Nations

Rugby Rant: Keep the Six Nations free-to-air

Granted, he was being mischievous, as is his right as financial custodian of the RBS 6 Nations, but CEO John Feehan blasted open a hornet’s nest with a double-barrel shotgun…