Rugby World fitness: scrummage like Dan Cole

Rugby World fitness: scrummage like Dan Cole

DAN COLE is regarded as one of the best scrummagers of his generation, with the Leicester Tigers and England tighthead prop considered a must-have starter for his national side. He’s…

fitness massage

Mobility: the walking triangle

THIS MONTH’s workout is all about repairing your body. That may mean losing a few pounds, getting a soft tissue massage (above), working on your mobility – or all of…

chin up

Conditioning: the dip & chin combo

THIS MONTH we’re talking about conditioning! Check out the December 2013 edition of Rugby World to see a workout designed by John Dams, Harlequins head of performance, to help you…


Strength work: the carry medley

IT’S TIME to focus on the legs! The drive from the lower body is what’s going to make those tackles successful – and, at times, push you over the try…

single arm row

Building upper body strength: the bear crawl

WE'RE STARTING to work the upper body. John Dams, Harlequins' head of strength and conditioning, shows us some variations of the old classic, the bench press, in the September edition…