Danny Cipriani showed the talent we know he has in the Super 15 this week when he scored one of the tries of the season from his own 22. Maybe England need to make sure they have his phone number? Here it is anyway. Tell us what you think.

Here it is…

And just to balance things up he did seem to give a try away in the same game. Glass half full or half empty? You decide?

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  • Realist

    On the try- great work by cips, shows what ,magic he is capable of, and if he can cut out the errors that gave away the earlier try that quality and playing style would make him a shoe-in for the EPS when he comes back
    About the 6N- yes england have had a poor last two games as they were unable to cope with scotland’s blitz defence in the first half. However, only some bad luck and valiant scottish defence (esp. by chris Paterson) stopped them from getting more against them. Ireland on the other hand have been patchy- I will admit that try from Wales was complete and utter b******* but the rest of the game was slack and boring, and ireland did nothing past the 15-minute mark- if they were a side with the quality to beat england they would have never even allowed that try to be the winning one

  • Bolty

    Sean, Tadhg its good to be patriotic but the Points Difference of + 67 to – 4 says it all.
    It should be entertaining but your still going down

  • Tadhg

    Hey Matt, leave Sean alone. He’s right. Ireland will win. The only reason we aren’t doing that well is that the ref’s have been terrible. Oh and bad selection policy by Declan Kidney.
    England just think they are the best but face it’ they’re not.
    Toby Flood, like Wilkinson, can’t win every game for them.

  • Matt

    Sean, you clearly know nothing about rugby!! England have been the dominate force in this years Six Nations!! although we had a tough game against the Scots we still battled hard and won!!!

    Maybe you should think before you speak next time??!!

  • sean

    england crack me up as ever they think they are way better than they really are, ireland to beat them comfortably next week

  • Paul Short

    Great try from Cipriani, from his 10 metre line not his 22.