Win the belting James Haskell book, Ruck Me

James Haskell’s autobiography What A Flanker was shortlisted at the Sports Book Awards and his follow-up, Ruck Me, is arguably even better. Written in collaboration with Ben Dirs, the book gets to the heart of the larger-than-life character who won 77 caps for England.

England boss Eddie Jones says: “James is one of the last rugby players with the courage to be himself all the time, stick his neck out and not be liked. In that respect, he’s probably the most courageous player of the professional era.”

The paperback edition of Ruck Me is published on 14 April and at the foot of this article we’re offering you a chance to win one of six copies in a competition. First, here’s a short extract from the book about Haskell from his former flatmate at Stade Français, Ollie Phillips…

Win the belting James Haskell book, Ruck Me

“My life in Paris would have been very different had Hask not been there with me. And I’m so grateful that he was,” writes Ollie Phillips. “Life is for living and we lived it – what a ride. Barely a day went by without Hask creating a new story.

Like the time he was on the Métro, coming home from training, and a woman was being harassed by some drunk bloke. Hask got up, stood over this bloke and shouted, “Arrête! Arrête!”

But after he’d sat back down, the bloke started harassing this woman again, touching her up and making her very uncomfortable. So Hask got up, grabbed this bloke by the back of his shirt and his trousers and shouted, “Open the f***ing door!” to this little Frenchman standing in front of it.

The shocked man lifted the lever, the door opened and Hask threw the bloke out like an angry heavy in a movie. The man sailed through the air and came crashing down. Hask then lobbed his bag onto the platform after him.

The woman was half in shock, half in awe. Most of the carriage applauded him, others clutched their belongings tighter, and that was Hask all over.”

A Stade Francais fan kisses James Haskell

A Stade Français supporter hugs Haskell after a Challenge Cup semi-final win in 2011 (Getty Images)


James Haskell: Ruck Me is published by HarperCollins, RRP £9.99 paperback or £20 hardback.

We also have six copies of the paperback edition to give away, courtesy of HarperCollins. For a chance to win the belting James Haskell book Ruck Me, just answer the question below and fill in your details. The competition closes on Thursday 26 May.

Win the belting book by James Haskell, Ruck Me

James Haskell says this player could become England captain – but who is he? (Getty Images)