Rugby World sat down with Scotland and Lions legend Gavin Hastings to discuss his views on the game of sevens and just how well conditioned these athletes are.

In responding, Hastings explained how his generation thought they were incredibly fit, but that he is “blown away” at every HSBC Sevens World Series event he views – both in the men’s game and the women’s game.

It is on the subject of the women’s game that has Hastings opens up about the growth of sevens. First he says: “I think the women display fantastic skills. They too have got some wonderful athletes. Their fitness levels are terrific and I think that area of seven-a-side will see a massive expansion for women playing the game.”

There are stars to keep an eye on in the build-up to Rio – like Australia's Emilee Cherry

There are stars to keep an eye on in the build-up to Rio – like Australia’s Emilee Cherry

As Hastings is saying this, there are highlights of Canada’s unstoppable star Jen Kish played over the top. But there are a number of players to keep your eyes peeled for in the build-up to the Olympic Games in Rio.

And it is also on the subject of Rio that Hastings gets particularly excited, stating: “I’m more excited about growing the game to a new global audience. I think we’re in for a wonderful period of growth in rugby.”

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