Rugby World sat down with Wallabies legend George Gregan to discuss his views on the game of sevens and just how difficult it is to make key decisions in the heat of a tough sevens fixture.
The former scrum-half speaks of his admiration for the sevens athletes, explaining that during a hard fixture “you counter punch, and you feel that you’ve got them on the ropes, but you need an extra effort. You need that from yourself, you need that from the players around you and you need to call upon that.
“Well it’s so much more difficult in sevens because you face that after about 90 seconds! You are blowing so hard. It’s such a physical game these days but it’s also aerobically really stressful. It’s repeat speed, get back into the line, make decisions, communicate. You need a strong will to play sevens. You need to find that extra bit of energy and that extra effort, all the time, match after match.”
A player on fire: Phoenix Hunapo-Nofoa scores for Samoa

A player on fire: Phoenix Hunapo-Nofoa scores for Samoa

As well as talking through decision-making, Gregan also singles out New Zelaand stalwart DJ Forbes for praise, as well as talking of his admiration for Samoa’s Phoenix Hunapo-Nofoa.
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