The appeal by Maidstone FC against the decision to find them guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Union and/or Game contrary to Rule 5.12 of the Rules of Rugby Football Union 2010-11 was tonight abandoned by the club. As such, the RFU Disciplinary Panel of William Harbage QC (chair), Mike Hamlin and John Brennan are not required to make any further judgement.

Leave was given and therefore the original sanction of 50 league points and £2,000 fine stands.


On January 12 Maidstone were deducted 50 league points and fined £2,000 after being found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Union and/or the Game contrary to Rule 5.12 of the Rules of the Rugby Football Union 2010-11.

The club appeared before an RFU Disciplinary Panel of Gareth Rees QC (chair), Dr Julian Morris and Mike Curling charged with being responsible for the action of unidentified players, one of whom made deliberate contact with the eye of Clarence Harding during the match against Gravesend on January 17, 2010. The action caused Mr Harding to lose the sight of his right eye.

The Rugby Football Union took action against the club after failing to identify the player responsible for injuring Harding in the match.

The original decision from the RFU

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  • vaughan

    The club should be banned from competing or playing league rugby, surely someone at the club knows who gouged the poor mans eye. It is unbelievable that the club would ‘turn a blind eye’ (sorry) to this and be let off with a fine of juSt 2000.
    The game suffers as parents turn their kids away from violent play,what signal does this send out? I wouldn’t want my kids playing if the RFU dock 50 points for violence….More and more kids are opting for less physical sports and I do not blame them, as a prolific media publisher you should instigate a total exclusion of the club. I remember a Welsh rugby player going to prison for punching someone !!As A coach of junior rugby I am
    Absolutely disgusted

    VaughaN Evans

    Cape Town
    South Africa