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ANDORRA Federació Andorrana de Rugby

ARABIAN GULF Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union

ARGENTINA Union Argentina de Rugby

AUSTRALIA Australian Rugby Union

AUSTRIA Osterreichischer Rugby Verband

BAHAMAS Bahamas Rugby Football Union

BARBADOS Barbados Rugby Football Union

BELGIUM Fédération Belge de Rugby

BERMUDA Bermuda Rugby Union

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Ragbi Savez Republike Bosne

BOTSWANA Botswana Rugby Union

BRAZIL Associação Brasileira de Rugby

BULGARIA Bulgarian Rugby Federation

CAMEROON Fédération Camerounaise de Rugby – (FecaRugby)

CANADA Rugby Canada

CAYMAN Cayman Rugby Union

CHILE Federación de Rugby de Chile

CHINA Chinese Rugby Football Association

CHINESE TAIPEI Chinese Taipei Rugby Football Union

COLOMBIA Union Colombiana de Rugby

COOK ISLANDS Cook Islands Rugby Union

CROATIA Hrvatski Ragbijaki Savez

CZECH REPUBLIC Ceska Rugbyova Unie

DENMARK Dansk Rugby Union


FIJI Fiji Rugby Union

FINLAND Suomen Rugbyliitto

FRANCE Fédération Française de Rugby

GEORGIA Georgian Rugby Union

GERMANY Deutscher Rugby Verband

GUAM Guam Rugby Football Union

GUYANA Guyana Rugby Football Union

HONG KONG Hong Kong Rugby Football Union

HUNGARY Magyar Rögbi Szövetség

INDIA Indian Rugby Football Union

IRELAND Irish Rugby Football Union

ISRAEL Israel Rugby Union

ITALY Federazione Italiana Rugby

IVORY COAST Fédération Ivoirienne de Rugby

JAMAICA Jamaica Rugby Football Union

JAPAN Japan Rugby Football Union

KAZAKHSTAN Kazakhstan Rugby Football Federation

KENYA Kenya Rugby Football Union

KOREA Korea Rugby Union

LATVIA Latvian Rugby Federation

LITHUANIA Fédération Lituanienne de Rugby

LUXEMBOURG Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Rugby

MADAGASCAR Fédération Malagasy de Rugby

MALAYSIA Malaysian Rugby Union

MALTA Malta Rugby Football Union

MEXICO Federación Mexicana de Rugby

MOLDOVA Federatia de Rugby din Moldovei

MONACO Fédération Monégasque de Rugby

MOROCCO Fédération Royale Marocaine de Rugby

NAMIBIA Namibia Rugby Union

NETHERLANDS Nederlands Rugby Bond

NEW ZEALAND New Zealand Rugby Union

NIGERIA Nigeria Rugby Football Association

NIUE ISLANDS Niue Rugby Football Union

NORWAY Norges Rugby Forbund

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Papua New Guinea Rugby Football Union

PARAGUAY Union de Rugby del Paraguay

PERU Union Peruana de Rugby

POLAND Polski Zwiazek Rugby

PORTUGAL Federação Portuguesa de Rugby

ROMANIA Federatia Romana de Rugbi

RUSSIA Rugby Union Of Russia

SAMOA Samoa Rugby Union

SCOTLAND Scottish Rugby Union

SENEGAL Fédération Sénégalaise de Rugby

SERBIA Rugby Union of Serbia

SINGAPORE Singapore Rugby Union

SLOVENIA Rugby Zveza Slovenie

SOLOMON ISLANDS Solomon Islands R.U. Federation

SOUTH AFRICA South Africa Rugby Union

SPAIN Federación Española de Rugby

SRI LANKA Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union

ST. LUCIA St. Lucia Rugby Football Union (Status pending)

ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES St. Vincent & The Grenadines Rugby Union Football

SWAZILAND Swaziland Rugby Union

SWEDEN Svenska Rugby Forbundet

SWITZERLAND Fédération Suisse de Rugby

TAHITI Fédération Tahitienne de Rugby de Polynésie Française

THAILAND Thai Rugby Union

TONGA Tonga Rugby Football Union

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Trinidad and

Tobago Rugby Football Union

TUNISIA Fédération Tunisienne de Rugby

UGANDA Uganda Rugby Football Union

UKRAINE National Rugby Federation Of Ukraine

URUGUAY Union de Rugby del Uruguay

USA RUGBY United States of America Rugby Football Union

VANUATU Vanuatu Rugby Football Union

VENEZUELA Federación Venezolana de Rugby Amateur

WALES Welsh Rugby Union

ZAMBIA Zambia Rugby Football Union

ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Rugby Union


ARFU Asian Rugby Football Union

CAR Confédération Africaine de Rugby

CONSUR Confederacion Sudamericana de Rugby

FIRA-AER FIRA-Association Européenne de Rugby

FORU Federation of Oceanic Rugby Unions

NAWIRA North America and West Indies Rugby Association


AMERICAN SAMOA American Samoa Rugby Football Union

ARMENIA Rugby Federation of Armenia

AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijan Rugby Union

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS British Virgin Islands Rugby Union

BURUNDI Fédération Burundaise de Rugby

CAMBODIA Cambodia Federation of Rugby

GHANA Ghana Rugby Union

INDONESIA Indonesian Rugby Football Union

KYRGYZSTAN Krygyzstan Rugby Union

LAO Lao Rugby Federation

MALI Fédération Malienne de Rugby

MAURITANIA Fédération Mauritanienne de Rugby

MAURITIUS Rugby Union Mauritius

MONGOLIA Mongolia Rugby Union

PAKISTAN Pakistan Rugby Union

PHILIPPINES Philippines Rugby Football Union

RWANDA Fédération Rwandaise de Rugby

TANZANIA Tanzania Rugby Union

TOGO Fédération Togolaise de Rugby

UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan Rugby Union

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