In Pool A’s ‘Group of Death’, who do you think is set for an early grave and who will be alive and kicking in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals?

England, on home soil, will prove a tough nut to crack at Twickenham. Will the crowds be singing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ as they storm through to the last eight, or will the pressure prove too much for Stuart Lancaster’s men?

Wales, led by Lions captain Sam Warburton, believe they are even fitter than four years ago, when they came within a hair’s breadth of making the final. Will they last the distance this time, or will they be out of breath before the finishing straight?

The other big fish in the pool is, of course, Australia. The Wallabies have shored up their scrum and have a back-line to drool over. Will they be salivating at making the knockout stages, or spitting feathers at missing out?

Fiji have the potential to deliver a major shock or two – ex-Australia flanker George Smith has backed them to progress at the expense of England and Wales – so the ‘big three’ of the pool would be wise not to underestimate Akapusi Qera and Co. Can the Flying Fijians soar to new heights, or will they be grounded?

Uruguay can expect a good shellacking in every match but, in a group that could potentially come down to points difference, could Los Teros throw a spanner in the works?

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    Shellacking!!!! Prety new term to me!

  • Bevan C

    Too close to call.

  • MalP

    Some very relevant and fair points. I still believe they are going to rattle someone’s cage, and if I am honest, although I support England I am glad to see the Fijians with a strong team, let’s face it we need to have more top level rugby nations. If they were in another group I think they would have a very good chance of getting out of their group, but I just think this group is too strong for them. It may well be that they turn out to be kingmakers. Let’s hope we have a fantastic world cup

  • Don’t agree. Most of the Samoans play in France or England. They actually play a very structured gane by Island standards – obviously quite a physical one. They have taken South Africa close many times and famously beat the Wallabies in Sydney. They also pushed an early season yet strong All Blacks (admittedly in Samoa). Yet Fiji met and out x-factored them in the PNC. If ever there was a time for Fiji to stamp their mark, it’s now with everyone always thinking they will fizzle. They should instead be thought of as the France of the South Pacific. They are rising again in 7s and, well, it would be heroic for them to rise against the opinions of the rugby establishment. The thing about Fiji is that they think wily as well as physically and with agility and speed. Good luck to all in the pool of death!

  • MalP

    Actually, I did, and though Fiji look very good you have to take into account the level of opposition. They will not look so accomplished against more organized, less open teams.

    There is definitely a chance they could catch one of the 3 other teams likely to qualify out and provide a shock, but they wont catch 2 of Australia, England and Wales out, and hence the reason why they wont progress

  • Obviously none of you in the northern or southern hemispheres paid much attention to the Pacific Nations Cup. Oh well, surprise is a great advantage on the battlefield