Singing the national anthem before a Test match is a point of pride, right? Thousands watching, the rugby world full of anticipation: it’s time for Argentina versus Australia and it’s time to get pumped up. Then, all of a sudden, the official singer bluffs his way through the Australian anthem.

We have all been there at a school assembly, miming through the hymn, but this is a step up. He is in a national stadium and the Pumas are hunting a first, historic Rugby Championship victory. Advance Australia Fair isn’t the most complex of tunes, and match-day nerves aside, this tenor should really have done his homework. The result is hilarious, though. Even Adam Ashley-Cooper thought so.

In the end the game in Mendoza finished 21-17, as Worcester Warriors hooker Agustin Creevy led Argentina to their first ever TRC win. The match wasn’t without controversy – as two Aussie yellow cards and a laser-pen being shone in Wallaby kicker Bernard Foley‘s face as he missed a penalty will attest – but the popular Pumas managed to get to the promised land.

Now they’ve advanced past the Australians, can they topple New Zealand and South Africa in the future?