Harry Westlake may only be six years old but it would appear that he already has a career to rival even the most ambitious of celebrity. ‘Hazza’, as he likes to be called, came to the attention of rugby fans after singing ‘God Save the Queen’, line and verse, in front of a capacity crowd at Twickenham before England‘s victory over Italy. Now, the Plymouth school boy is back with his very own chatshow. In this first episode the starlet grills England players Kieran Brookes, Dylan Hartley and Luther Burrell ahead of their Six Nations decider against France.

While pre-match interviews are usually filled with the same old dreary hyperbole, Westlake adopts a unique approach that clealry delights the England Trio. “On a scale of one to dinosaur, how strong are you?” he asks and “who would you rather play rugby against, a gorilla or a crocodile?” as the three giggle away. We discover that Hartley and Brookes would liken their front row stomping to that of a tricerotops and a t-rex respectively whilst Burrell would rather tiptoe around a crocodile in midfield than a weighty Silverback. Westlake also manages to extract their deepest fears – rats, wasps and flying which, of course, he isn’t scared of.

England v France kicks off at 17:00 towmorrow.