Alun Wyn Jones getting a little too close for comfort

The recent Law graduate sat down with Rugby World to chat about superstitions, life outside rugby – potentially starting another degree [apparently Law wasn’t hard enough], and how many find it hard to spell his name.

RUGBY WORLD: Who are the jokers with the Ospreys and Wales?

ALUN WYN JONES: Andrew Millward and Marty Holah at the Ospreys, and Mark Jones for Wales.

RW: Can you remember any good practical jokes played?

AWJ: The one that stands out is when Mark Jones left a sheep in Dwayne Peel’s room during the World Cup.

RW: What can’t you live without when you’re on tour?

AWJ: My iPod. It’s vital for all those long plane journeys.

RW: You’re studying for a law degree as well as playing rugby. Do you take your law books with you on tour?

AWJ: Yes I do, but they’re rarely read, although they’re quite good at helping me get to sleep. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that!

RW: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on the pitch – any good sledging, for example?

AWJ: Nothing that is clean enough for a magazine like Rugby World!

RW: Do you have any bugbears?

AWJ: People being late and general bad manners.

RW: What about phobias?


RW: What are your nicknames?

AWJ: Gwyn Jones. In one of my first training sessions at the Ospreys – when I was 18 – I wore a pair of borrowed boots, which were bright white. White in Welsh is ‘gwyn’.

RW: What’s the worst spelling of your name you’ve ever seen?

AWJ: Some of the French attempts have been amazing. One that stands out was something like ‘Allain Wynne Jones’.

Pre-match routines, Embarrassing moments and Bad jokes..

RW: Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

AWJ: Angelina Jolie

RW: What about your pre-match routine – any superstitions?

AWJ: I always put my socks and boots on in a certain order.

RW: Aside from a house or a car, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

AWJ: A watch or jacket, not sure which.

RW: What are the worst headlines you’ve seen about yourself?

AWJ: The cheesy ones, puns on ‘Wyn’, such as ‘You’ve got to be in it to Wyn it’.

RW: If your house was on fire, what three things would you save?

AWJ: My Welsh cap, my iPod and my Ospreys contract.

RW: What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?

AWJ: To successfully complete my law degree next year, and then perhaps go on to study something else, media or marketing maybe. I like to keep my mind ticking over away from rugby.

RW: What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

AWJ: People who ask me, “Can I have your autograph please, Ryan?” I don’t look anything like Ryan Jones. His ears are much bigger than mine!

RW: You’re renowned as a good singer – do you have a karaoke song?

AWJ: Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)

RW: What’s your favourite joke?

AWJ: Why do giraffes have long necks? Because their feet are smelly.

RW: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

AWJ: The ability to take other superheroes’ powers.

RW: Who or what in the world do you think is overrated?

AWJ: Money.

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