England Golf’s iGolf platform has attracted more than 50,000 subscriptions - here’s why you should join and take the next step on your golfing journey

From professional sportspeople to the junior and amateur ranks, nothing truly rivals golf when it comes to ‘second sport’ participation.

Why is that? With far less rigour on the body than contact sports it provides the opportunity for people of all ages to unite and compete against each other or with yourself, in the quest for personal improvement.

That’s how so many golfing journeys start, blossoming from occasional players to becoming regulars on driving ranges and golf courses.

Whether it be time that can be dedicated to a second sporting love, or simply the cost involved, becoming a member of a golf club isn’t always accessible or suitable for all golfers.  

One of the main perks of being a golf club member is the ability to receive a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™ that represents your potential scoring ability in golf; Until recently you couldn’t get a handicap without joining club!

In a first of its kind venture in England, that has changed with the introduction of iGolf; the easy-to-use platform allows non-club members in England to receive a Handicap Index®.

How can they do this? Well, iGolf is an England Golf governed platform – and this is the only authorised handicapping body for the World Handicap System™ in England.

This means it is the only place that golfers can access a Handicap Index® under the WHS™ without joining a golf club as a fee-paying member.

Those who subscribe to iGolf for just £44 per year gain access to the My EG app which is a gamechanger for non-club members.

On it, general play scores can be posted allowing you to view scoring histories and work towards improving your game. It’ll also be the place to view your Handicap Index® or even re-activate it if you’re a previous club member.

More than 50,000 non-club members have signed up to iGolf since it was launched in 2021, allowing subscribers to measure and compare playing ability against friends, family or work colleagues.

It is breaking down the barriers that existed for those without a club membership.

There’s further perks to becoming an iGolf subscriber too as you instantly benefit from personal liability insurance through Marsh Sport, access to exclusive offers and opportunities to play more golf, and regular communications.

Rory Underwood playing golf


Among them is using your Handicap Index® to gain access and compete in certain competitions such as NCG Top 100s Tour, Mizuno Singles and Mizuno Golf Pairs.

While not everyone will be aiming to shoot as high as entering those competitions, becoming an iGolf subscriber and gaining a Handicap Index® affords empowerment and a sense of personal achievement to blossom into any golfer.

How to get onto England Golf’s iGolf platform

The signing up process to iGolf is a gimmie and straightforward. You’ve just got to follow these five easy steps…

  1. Subscribe online via the iGolf website which has all sorts of information about the benefits of iGolf, how it works and the WHS™.
  2. Following registration, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email, with details including your unique lifelong membership number. If you were previously a club member, and already have a membership number, you will need to provide this during the sign-up process.
  3. Once registered, download the My EG App by searching for “My England Golf” or “My EG” in your app store (iOS or Android).
  4. Login using your membership number and password, you are now ready to start submitting your scores for handicap purposes via the app.

Please note: If you were previously a club member with scores on the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) from 1 January 2018, your Handicap Index® and playing record will be transferred over to iGolf.

  1. Using your membership number and password, you can also login to the iGolf platform to access your Handicap Index® information and account details.

iGolf is growing fast, as amateur golfers across the country who aren’t club members benefit from a bunker-load of perks associated with being a subscriber.

Those who subscribe to England Golf’s iGolf platform now can also receive a 30-day free trial, for more information visit www.englandigolf.co.uk