Here's ten reasons why you should buy the August 2018 issue of Rugby World...


Rugby World’s 2018 Health Issue

It’s that time of year again: pre-season. It’s a period of gruelling graft, sure, but it’s also a time to improve your fitness, your diet, to perfect your mental approach for the season ahead and even form stronger bonds with your team-mates. In short, it’s a time to become a healthier rugby player.

With the help of experts within the game, we have compiled an issue we hope you can dip in and out of for advice and guidance during this vital build-up to the new season. And we still have all the interviews and hard-hitting opinions you’ve come to expect from Rugby World.

Here are just ten of the many reasons you should pick up a copy of the August 2018 issue…

Rugby World’s 2018 Health Issue

Hitting the mark: Auckland Blues take part in pre-season training (Getty Images)

Pre-season guide

Co-written with Cardiff Blues and Wales back-rower Josh Navidi, and aided by tips from figures throughout the global game, we give you our extensive guide for pre-season. Here we offer you a basic outline of our ideal pre-season plan, including session plans, weights programmes and even meal ideas for your training week.

Be warned: there’s hard work ahead!

Monstrous Maro

England’s Maro Itoje has become the archetypal ‘modern forward’, with an all-court game that relies not just on power but also agility, endurance and meticulous planning. So we take a look at what goes in to making Maro the athlete he is today.

Alcohol investigation

Alan Dymock takes an eye-opening and in-depth look at what happens when player drinking goes too far – discovering what help is and isn’t out there for those battling with addiction or issues related to alcohol abuse. Can we do more for those suffering in silence?

Fitness crazes

Fashion comes and goes, and this is no different when we turn to training aids and techniques. Here we take a look at 12 of the fashionable gadgets, disciplines, drills and sessions that have been used to help rugby players prepare and recover over the last few years.

Sleep advice

Often overlooked, but vitally important if you are to perform at your peak, what do you really know about sleep? We break down some information and advice for those who have trouble nodding off or for those who simply want to find that extra 1%.


Fear factor

Ever wondered what part fear plays in the mind of an elite rugby player? How does it compare to the fear felt by extreme athletes? We delve into the mind of those who know what it’s like to climb Everest and play at the sharp end of rugby, to find out what impact fear and anxiety can have.

Rugby World’s 2018 Health Issue

The verdict is in: Stuart Barnes looks at England’s tour to South Africa (Getty Images)

Summer tour verdict

We give you the definitive verdicts on the home nations’ exploits over the summer, giving you the lowdown on what worked, who shone, what needs improvement and what the future may hold for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales after their June sojourns abroad.

On tour with Scotland

Having followed Scotland on their adventures through Canada, the southern USA and Argentina, Tom English fills you in on what it’s actually like to pack your bags and head out on a summer tour.

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Bringing back the big men

Having seen the world attempt to copy New Zealand’s fast and slick offloading style, Stephen Jones celebrates the return to the fore of South Africa’s big, meaty forwards and prays for a bright future for the next generation of powerful pack players.

Rugby World’s 2018 Health Issue

Set to shine? Perry Baker looks forward to the Sevens World Cup (Getty Images)

America awaits

We cast our eyes ahead to this month’s Sevens World Cup, held in San Francisco from 20 July. It’s a big moment for the home sides of the US. Can the event kick-start something special stateside?

Plus, there’s all this…

  • Columnist Darren Dawidiuk reveals his lifestyle changes after a cancer diagnosis last year
  • Sean Holley explains what Gloucester fans can expect from Danny Cipriani next season
  • Ben Ryan discusses the pitfalls of adopting newer and fancier training techniques
  • We take a look at the breakout season for Leinster and Ireland’s Dan Leavy
  • Nathan Charles tells us what it’s like to play elite rugby when you have cystic fibrosis
  • Wales’ back-row options are frightening. Meet Ellis Jenkins, the latest star flanker
  • We get sniping tips from Glasgow and Scotland scrum-half George Horne
  • The Secret Player laments the pain and tedium of pre-season
  • Find out all about Brumbies stalwart Sam Carter from those who know him best

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