An eagle-eyed viewer has spotted an '8 Nations' poster in a 2018 movie called 'Mute'.

8 Nations Poster Spotted in Netflix Movie ‘Mute’

Mute‘, a 2018 movie released on Netflix, is about a mute bartender trying to find the love of his life who has strangely disappeared. However one eagle-eyed viewer spotted something even more strange.

Reddit user BluesBoys101 spotted an 8 Nations poster on a wall in one of the scenes which takes place in a cafe.

Sadly we cannot see who the extra nations are but if you would like to take a look at the thread, click here. We recommend it, some of the comments are hilarious.

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Taking place in the future, and in Germany, this is a peculiar type of poster to see, however it is clear that director Duncan Jones, is a huge rugby fan.

The only son of David Bowie, Jones has allegedly said that he has been gutted he hasn’t been able to get rugby into any of his previous movies. Considering his first movie, Moon took place in space, and Warcraft was in a fantasy land, this is not surprising.

However it appears he has managed to shoe-horn some rugby into Mute.

Jones has also tweeted on more than one occasion on his fondness for rugby.

Starring Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd, the movie has drawn comparisons to Bladerunner and has had mixed reviews.

But it is not the only movie or TV show on Netflix with some rugby entwined within it.

In Marvel’s Jessica Jones there were countless references to rugby, and the Sacha Wolff movie Mercenary revolves around the sport.

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Released in 2016, Mercenaire,  centres around Soane Tokelau, a rugby player who moves to France to attempt to make it in the sport.

Additionally in Netflix UK, Matt Damon plays rugby in a scene during Martin Scorsese’s The Departed.

Considering there are very few movies about rugby, we welcome any attempt to involve the sport.

Well done Duncan Jones and credit to BluesBoys101 for spotting it!

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