By Sian Jones, Rugby World reader

After hearing about Munto Finance trying to kick Nottingham RFC out of Meadow Lane; isn’t it about time rugby stood up to it’s older brother? We may not have as big a fan base as football, nor do we have as big pay cheques but what we do have is a great game followed by a bunch of passionate supporters. In no other sport could you regularly hear fans belting out ‘Bread of Heaven’ neither would two opposing teams be able to ‘have a beer together.’ 

The fact of the matter is; rugby may be a less popular sport than the more favoured football, but it by no means should allow the likes of football bosses to bully local teams out of their right to play the game they love. Instead football and rugby should link together as I am sure that both sides could educate one another. Football skills are certainly becoming an important part of the game (whether you like it or not) and footballers could learn a lesson or two from some of our players about the more modest side of professionalism.