By Rugby World reader, Steve Heath

You join me this week in a very sad mood as one of my best friends is in a coma. I did warn him that a full 80 minutes of watching England “play” international rugby would most likely lead to this outcome. “Take frequent breaks” I told him, I admit that I was only joking when I said the length of these breaks should be for 40 minutes just after kick off in each half, but who’s sorry now?

This week I decided to take a break from the tedium of under strength northern hemisphere club rugby and gave Super 14 a go. I appreciate that it gets criticised as being powder puff and not what us chaps like in our rugby but I have always enjoyed it. The Super 14 is based in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand – who are better than us, played in better conditions usually, and from what I have seen matches seem to be played with a far more attacking intent. What’s not to like?


Admittedly I dropped lucky with the match I watched. The attacking intent was refreshing to see – players were actually trying to go past each other. Why do the England team insist on running into players? Seriously, Carwyn James once said the spirit of rugby was 14 players busting a gut to give the 15th half a yard on his opposite number, take your man on!!!!! This was a feast of attacking rugby and it was a shame when the half time whistle went as you knew this would be the longest period without a try.

Other news this week – Danny Cipriani is off to Australia, another indication that England would rather persist with bashers than let flair players have a go. Good luck Mr Cipriani, I genuinely hope you are one of the players of Super 15 next year while the England management team scratch their heads and mutter “oops”.

The Six Nations resumes next week. Your favourite blogist is off to the Millenium Stadium for Wales v France.

Predictions: The Welsh weekend to be over before it starts – France by 17. Ireland will be smarting from defeat against France and unless they fall asleep watching England “attack” I can see Ireland winning by 12 points. Italy will take heart from their performance against England and will beat a depleted Scotland by four points.

There you go, I suggest you go to the bookies and place your hard earned cash on Wales, England and Scotland.