MAIDSTONE FC have been deducted 50 league points and fined £2,000 after being found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Union and/or the Game contrary to Rule 5.12 of the Rules of the Rugby Football Union 2010-11.

The club appeared before an RFU Disciplinary Panel of Gareth Rees QC (chair), Dr Julian Morris and Mike Curling charged with being responsible for the action of unidentified players, one of whom made deliberate contact with the eye of Clarence Harding during the match against Gravesend on January 17, 2010. The action caused Mr Harding to lose the sight of his right eye.

“Players who commit serious acts of misconduct on the field of play must realise that such acts can have serious repercussions for a club as a whole,” said Rees.

“In these changing times clubs must accept a greater responsibility for the conduct of its members, including on the field of play.

“The panel acknowledge that Maidstone gave great assistance to both the police and the RFU during their investigations into this matter.”

Maidstone have the right of appeal.

You can view Clarence’s view here from the Daily Mail