Allianz Premier 15s Fixtures 2020-21

The 2020-21 Allianz Premier 15s season will conclude after 18 rounds of fixtures in May. The final round of fixtures, semi-finals and final will all be on consecutive weekends in May, creating a frantic spectacle to the end of the season.

Additional reserve weekends have been used to good effect this season, with positive Covid-19 tests and frozen pitches postponing matches throughout the beginning half of the season. The remainder of the season has also been scheduled as best as possible around the Women’s Six Nations, which kicks off on April 3 and runs until 24 April.

For the 2020-21 season, Exeter Chiefs Women and Sale Sharks Women replaced Richmond and Waterloo in the ten-team league, following an independent external audit. Since 2017, £2.4m has been invested into women’s rugby, with the newly formatted domestic Premier 15s also introduced to improve the quality of players. Last season’s campaign, however, was unfortunately voided following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite that, the remaining Allianz Premier 15s fixtures and season finale are set to have an electrifying ending. Below are the 2020-21 fixtures, with results updated during the season.

Allianz Premier 15s Fixtures 2020-21

Round 1

Sat 10 Oct Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 34-14 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sat 10 Oct Harlequins Women 103-0 DMP Durham Sharks

Sat 10 Oct Sale Sharks Women 7-29 Loughborough Lightning

Sat 10 Oct Saracens Women 34-25 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 31 Oct Bristol Bears Women 10-64 Wasps FC Ladies

Round 2

Sat 17 Oct DMP Durham Sharks 5-58 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 17 Oct Exeter Chiefs Women 22-24 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 17 Oct Sale Sharks Women 10-40 Saracens Women

Sat 17 Oct Wasps FC Ladies 12-31 Harlequins Women

Sat 17 Oct Loughborough Lightning 32-26 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Round 3

Sat 24 Oct Bristol Bears Women 5-12 Loughborough Lightning

Sat 24 Oct Harlequins Women 33-14 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sat 24 Oct Saracens Women 72-0 DMP Durham Sharks

Sat 24 Oct Worcester Warriors Women 7-22 Wasps FC Ladies

Sat 21 Nov Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 17-14 Sale Sharks Women

Round 4

Sat 7 Nov Exeter Chiefs Women 19-7 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 7 Nov Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 5-43 Saracens Women

Sat 7 Nov Loughborough Lightning 24-33 Harlequins Women

Sat 7 Nov Sale Sharks Women 18-40 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 7 Nov Wasps FC Ladies 105-0 DMP Durham Sharks

Round 5

Sat 14 Nov Bristol Bears Women 3-28 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 14 Nov DMP Durham Sharks 6-31 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sat 14 Nov Harlequins Women 31-0 Sale Sharks Women

Sat 14 Nov Saracens Women 33-27 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sat 14 Nov Worcester Warriors Women 8-20 Loughborough Lightning 

Round 6

Sat 28 Nov Bristol Bears Women 10-36 Saracens Women

Sat 28 Nov Exeter Chiefs Women 14-24 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sat 28 Nov Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 5-22 Harlequins Women

Sat 28 Nov Loughborough Lightning 57-3 DMP Durham Sharks

Sat 28 Nov Sale Sharks Women 11-0 Worcester Warriors Women

Round 7

Sat 5 Dec Harlequins Women 61-17 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 5 Dec Wasps FC Ladies 21-10 Loughborough Lightning 

Sun 6 Dec Worcester Warriors Women 7-15 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 30 Jan Exeter Chiefs Women 22-14 Saracens Women

Sat 20 Feb DMP Durham Sharks 0-47 Sale Sharks Women

Round 8

Sat 12 Dec Bristol Bears Women 12-15 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 12 Dec Loughborough Lightning 14-7 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sat 12 Dec Sale Sharks Women 8-30 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sat 20 Feb Harlequins Women v Saracens Women (Cancelled – Away Walk Over)

Sat 13 Mar Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 74-7 DMP Durham Sharks

Round 9

Sat 19 Dec DMP Durham Sharks 3-50 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 19 Dec Exeter Chiefs Women 38-0 Sale Sharks Women

Sat 19 Dec Saracens Women 29-24 Loughborough Lightning 

Sat 19 Dec Wasps FC Ladies 29-17 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sun 20 Dec Worcester Warriors Women 12-24 Harlequins Women

Round 10

Sat 9 Jan Bristol Bears Women 27-31 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sat 9 Jan Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 21-29 Loughborough Lightning

Sat 9 Jan Worcester Warriors Women 70-6 DMP Durham Sharks

Sat 20 Feb Harlequins Women 20-19 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sun 14 Mar Saracens Women 47-18 Sale Sharks Women

Round 11

Sat 6 Feb DMP Durham Sharks 3-73 Saracens Women

Sat 6 Feb Exeter Chiefs Women 7-6 Harlequins Women 

Sat 6 Feb Loughborough Lightning 42-14 Bristol Bears Women 

Sat 6 Feb Sale Sharks Women 7-26 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 6 Feb Wasps FC Ladies 40-3 Worcester Warriors Women

Round 12

Sat 13 Feb Bristol Bears Women 22-12 Sale Sharks Women

Sat 13 Feb Harlequins Women 17-20 Loughborough Lightning 

Sat 13 Feb Worcester Warriors Women 10-17 Exeter Chiefs Women

Sun 14 Feb Saracens Women 36-10 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 3 Apr DMP Durham Sharks 14-27 Wasps FC Ladies

Round 13

Sat 27 Feb Exeter Chiefs Women 76-5 DMP Durham Sharks 

Sat 27 Feb Wasps FC Ladies 26-24 Saracens Women 

Sat 27 Feb Loughborough Lightning 43-14 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 27 Feb Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 36-0 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 27 Feb Sale Sharks Women 5-45 Harlequins Women

Round 14

Sat 6 Mar Wasps FC Ladies 29-31 Exeter Chiefs Women 

Sat 6 Mar DMP Durham Sharks 0-62 Loughborough Lightning

Sat 6 Mar Harlequins Women 28-15 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 

Sat 6 Mar Saracens Women 53-7 Bristol Bears Women 

Sun 7 Mar Worcester Warriors Women 31-21 Sale Sharks Women 

Round 15

Sat 20 Mar Bristol Bears Women 7-62 Harlequins Women

Sat 20 Mar Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 28-24 Worcester Warriors Women 

Sat 20 Mar Loughborough Lightning 14-36 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sat 20 Mar Saracens Women 34-21 Exeter Chiefs Women 

Sat 20 Mar Sale Sharks Women 31-3 DMP Durham Sharks

Round 16

Sat 27 Mar Wasps FC Ladies 50-0 Sale Sharks Women 

Sat 27 Mar DMP Durham Sharks 7-38 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 27 Mar Saracens Women 17-17  Harlequins Women 

Sat 27 Mar Exeter Chiefs Women 17-12 Loughborough Lightning 

Sun 28 Mar Worcester Warriors Women 29-21 Bristol Bears Women

Round 17

Sat 17 Apr Harlequins Women 31-7 Worcester Warriors Women

Sat 17 Apr Bristol Bears Women 17-34 DMP Durham Sharks

Sat 17 Apr Loughborough Lightning 29-38 Saracens Women

Sat 17 Apr Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC 20-25 Wasps FC Ladies 

Sat 17 Apr Sale Sharks Women 17-10 Exeter Chiefs Women

Round 18

Sat 8 May Exeter Chiefs Women 12-18 Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s RFC

Sat 8 May DMP Durham Sharks 0-67 Harlequins Women

Sat 8 May Loughborough Lightning 26-12 Sale Sharks

Sat 8 May Wasps FC Ladies 62-12 Bristol Bears Women

Sat 8 May Worcester Warriors Women 0-27 Saracens Women


Sat 22 May Harlequins 25-14 Wasps

Sat 22 May Saracens 28-24 Loughborough


Sun 30 May Harlequins 25-17 Saracens

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