Any openside flanker would want to emulate New Zealand great Richie McCaw at the breakdown, with the Kiwi able to get to a tackled opponent and have all the physiological equipment to get over the ball and not budge. That can be the difference between winning a vital penalty or even ensuring a tough victory.

So here, Mat Grove from Performance Pro Gym in London shows you some exercises to help achieve those turnovers. He runs through the bearwalk – where you have to crawl forward on your hands and feet asquickly as possible, while maintaining a good back position. Then inch worms – where you put your hands out on the floor in front of you and walk your feet up to your hands before walking your hand out again. Finally there is the bearwalk drag – you have a tether on your back so that a team-mate or sled can resisting you while you bearwalk, so that you can bearwalk for 5m and then pop up and run a further 10m.

Try it out and if you get the chance, challenge your team-mates to a standing long jump challenge. Which of your mates can jump further?

You can alos follow Performance Pro via twitter: @UK_Performance