Use these three exercises in the gym to add some air to your leap!

LOOKING TO improve your rugby fitness?  Take a look at this video for three gym exercises that will help you get more height in your vertical jump and more spring in your dive for the line – try these and you might be claiming high balls and pouncing for the line like Australia and Waratahs phenomenon Israel Folau.

All you need for the exercises in this edition of Rugby World Fitness is a box set at about knee height and a bar with weight plates you are comfortable lifting.

The first exercise you can do is a reverse lung, doing six reps on each leg. Then you can do dynamic step-ups (four reps per leg per set) before finishing up with single-leg box jumps. You should be doing three sets of three reps, per leg, during each set of this last exercise.

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For more details – and a challenge that you can do with your friends – see the November 2014 issue of Rugby World. Find out how you can download the digital edition here.