A video showing mini rugby players how to take and give a pass

Being able to receive the ball and then quickly pass it to a team-mate is an important skill for mini rugby players to learn as it allows you to launch fast attacks and take advantage of space on the field.

We’ve all seen international and club sides move the ball down the line quickly when they spot an overlap or realise that a few fast passes will catch out the opposition defence because space is opening up.

So learning to move the ball quickly through different sets of hands is crucial if you’re to make the most of such attacking opportunities.

It’s good to practise in threes so you can master each part of the skill – the take and the give. For a video showing three mini players performing the perfect drill to practise the take and give click here. Then in the video above we focus on the role of the ‘middle man’ in offering a target with his hands and then quickly passing the ball along the line. Practise makes perfect – then you can use it when the space opens up in a game.

Rugby World delivers step-by-step guides on how to perform various skills in every issue of the magazine to help mini rugby players develop their overall game. Mini rugby coach Nigel Botherway also provides details on different training games minis can play, which are fun and help to improve skill levels.

We have also produced videos showing mini players performing various skills so you can practise replicating what they do to learn the correct technique and improve your game.

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