Learn how to perfect your passing skills

EVEN SOME of the world’s best rugby players struggle to pass well off both hands, so it’s important for mini players to practise this skill. Whether you’re a front-rower or a full-back, all rugby players need to be able to pass – and the ability to pass accurately off either hand is a huge strength.

As former Bath, England and Lions centre Jeremy Guscott says: “On my first Lions tour, Ian McGeechan had us running up and down passing along a line. I remember thinking, ‘We are supposed to be the best players in Britain and Ireland; what are we doing this for?’ But then I realised that it was good that Geech thought it important to practise our passing.”

Every month Rugby World magazine publishes a step-by-step guide on a specific piece of play as well as training games to help develop mini rugby players skills, all provided by mini rugby coach Nigel Botherway.

Plus, you can find videos demonstrating different skills so you can watch mini rugby players perform the correct technique and then practise yourself. Why not check out our switch passtwo-on-one and parachute fall videos to help improve your game.