Learn how to perfect your passing skills

A SPIN pass is much harder to execute – and catch – than a push pass, so coaches tend to discourage players from using it until they start youth rugby. However, there is no harm in learning how to put spin on the ball from a young age.

If you’re passing from right to left, it’s the right hand that provides the power and spin, while the left hand acts as a guide. As with any pass, the key to accuracy is to finish with both hands pointing at the target – ie the team-mate you’re passing to.

The video above shows how you can practise putting spin on the ball by performing one-handed passes. It’s a good drill you can do with a partner – and remember to practise passing off both hands!

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We have also produced videos showing mini players performing various skills so you can practise replicating what they do to learn the correct technique and improve your game.