How the Eddie Jones Video Is Dividing Opinion

Yesterday afternoon, popular Irish podcast Second Captain tweeted out a clip from last year of England head coach telling an audience that his team had lost to the “scummy Irish” in the 2017 Six Nations. With England hosting Grand Slam-chasing Ireland at Twickenham this weekend, it has certainly got people talking.

In an extended video from the talk for FUSO, a truck manufacturer part-owned by Mitsubishi, posted on YouTube – but that has since been taken down – Jones also says: “Who knows Wales? Are there any Welsh people here? So it’s this little shit place that has got 3m people. Three million!”

Quickly after the videos went public, the RFU released a remorseful statement from Jones in which he said: “I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused – no excuses and I shouldn’t have said what I did. I’m very sorry.”

In the aftermath, Jones’s words has divided opinion. Some feel that the coach was attempting to inject some humour into his talk, albeit in a ham-fisted way, while other feel that the England head coach has over-stepped the mark.

Jones has already been in bother during these Six Nations when it emerged that the England head coach had been harassed by Scottish fans on a train ride to Manchester, following England’s Calcutta Cup loss to the Scots. In the wake of that incident, the Australian said: “If you talk about hate and you talk about rubbing people’s nose in the dirt, and all those sorts of things, it incites certain behaviours. Are they the sorts of behaviours that we want to see?”

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For some Jones has shown hypocrisy with these comments, considering what was said in these clips. Some feel we should move on swiftly, especially after the coach apologised, and others are disgusted. Some are simply stunned.

Check out the comments below, from Twitter. Do you agree with any of these?

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