Danielle 'Nolli' Waterman

A quick catch up with Worcester and England Full Back Nolli Waterman about smelly kits, travel chums, inspiration and how she earned the nickname ‘Nollie’.

RUGBY WORLD: Danielle, why are you called Nolli?

NOLLI WATERMAN: My brother Joe called me Danni Ollie and my dad shortened it to Nolli. I also didn’t think I was girlie enough to be called Danielle. No one ever uses it.

RW: Who are the practical jokers in the England team?

NW: Saracens fly-half Karen Andrew is the biggest. She makes us laugh on the pitch, too, and won’t fail to ask the referee: “How long left?” just before she is about to kick off. Most refs look at her as if she is mad but it makes us smile and relieves a bit of tension.

RW: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch?

NW: A lineout last season. TJ Sutton went up for a ball, with Nessie Grey lifting. When TJ came down, her boot got caught in Nessie’s shorts – pulling them down. We all cracked up.

RW: If you could change one thing about rugby what would it be?

NW: Play in the summer or ban rugby on very cold days. A minimum temperature for a match could be introduced!

RW: What is the most annoying thing about rugby?

NW: Kit – the stinking smell and having to wash it all the time. Even when you wash it, it still smells.

Travel Chums, Team initiation and Politeness…

RW: Who cheers you up when you’re feeling down?

NW: Georgia Stevens – my England and Clifton team-mate. She is always there to pick me up. I live in Cardiff so we’re driving partners, travel chums. We drive thousands of miles a year to England training. Just the two of us!

RW: What happened when you made your Test debut – as England’s youngest ever player – in 2003. Any initiation ceremonies?

NW: Well, I was only 18 and my mum was there so they had to go easy. I had to sing the obligatory song on the bus and then had the delights of The Sin Bin [a bar] in Limerick as we had just beaten Ireland to win the Grand Slam.

RW: What annoys you off the field?

NW: People who don’t say please and thank you, and when people – like my boyfriend Leigh – don’t put their cutlery together at the end of the meal. I sit there staring at a plate if that happens.

RW: If the world was going to end in five minutes, what would you do as your last act on earth?

NW: Eat a box of tomatoes as they’re my favourite food. Strangely, I don’t like sun-dried tomatoes or tomato juice.

RW: What is your favourite gadget?

NW: It has to be my apple corer. Shove it into an apple and the core pops out. You can also bang it really hard.

Bird, Inspiration and winning a World Cup…

RW: Tell us about your club training partner, the legendary Liza Burgess.

NW: She’s double my age, brilliant, called Bird. She couldn’t be more opposite to me as she is a lock. And she has threatened to lock me in a cupboard before Wales play England in this year’s Six Nations.

RW: Who inspired you to play?

NW: My dad, Jim, who played for Bath and is still playing for Minehead Barbarians, aged 62. He started me off – well, he couldn’t stop me – at Minehead when I was four and he’s still there for me, not only to work on my skills but to be my biggest critic.

RW: And your rugby wish?

NW: To play in the same team as my dad and two brothers. Maybe we could sort out a tournament like they do with vets and I could wear the golden shorts.

RW: Win the World Cup or win £10,000 on the lottery?

NW: Win the World Cup. What’s money against a winners’ medal?

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