With Eddie Jones taking over as the head coach of England, there are sure to be some big changes at Twickenham. Chiefly amongst them, many believe, is with his choice of captain.

During the World Cup, Jones had said in a newspaper column that Chris Robshaw was “not outstandingly good in any area”. However, in a U-turn during his unveling, Jones claimed he was being a “bit naughty” and that he would seek to sit down with Robshaw and talk things through with the incumbent captain.

Explaining his position now, Jones said: “One of the first things I have to do is sit down with Chris and chat to him. I’ve watched a couple of his games since the World Cup and, as with all the players, he’s starting from zero. There’s always an opportunity to change things and he’s in that position. He’s got a nice cafe in Winchester. Fantastic coffee. Best coffee in England. I might grab him for a coffee down there.”

Clean slate: Eddie Jones in his first appearance at Twickenham

Clean slate: Eddie Jones in his first appearance at Twickenham

Despite these comments, the bookies have installed Wasps lock Joe Launchbury as the favourite to lead England into the Six Nations, with Robshaw second favourite. Jones did further explain what he expects from a captain.

“The first thing with a captain is that he has to be one of the first players selected. You’ve got to know the guy is going to be in the team. Secondly, whatever values we have in the team, they have to live those values so that every time a player looks at that captain they know the values that are important for the team, he’s leading the way.

“Those stories about Richie McCaw are true. In training they go from one drill to the next and he sprints there, he’s the first there. He cleans the changing room after the game, that’s the sort of guy you want. But it’s not just one guy, you need a group of players around him to support him. I’m sure those players are in England, we just have to find them. Leadership is something you have to develop.”

So which of these fellas do you think should captain England into the Six Nations? Remember this is the top five according to the bookies – perhaps none of these men should be leaders in the new-look England side. Let us know what you think by voting!