Mike Tindall

The Rugby Football Union have reacted quickly to dismiss the story in this morning’s Sun newspaper, after the England players had a night out in Queenstown, following last weekend’s win over Argentina.

Due to his recent marriage to Zara Phillips,  a member of the Royal Family Tindall was picked out in the story and the RFU said: “Following the article regarding Mike Tindall and other England squad members in a UK tabloid newspaper this morning, an England team spokesperson said: “Mike and several of the players were enjoying an evening out after he had led the team to a hard-earned victory over Argentina.

“Like all the lads he plays for England with a massive amount of passion and he was relaxing after a tough match.

“There will be no further comment.”

The manager, Rich Deane of the bar involved,  the Altitude Bar said there was no dwarf tossing and no scandal involving any of the English rugby players.

He said: “”They were great lads, not throwing the midgets, it was all light hearted good humoured fun.

“This is the tabloids taking photos out of context and telling silly stories.”

For the full story in The Sun click here. What do you think?