We take a look at some of the best and worst kits to have been worn by England.

The Best and Worst England Kits

England have recently signed a new kit contract with Umbro switching away from Canterbury.

Umbro will take over as the official England rugby kit manufacturer after the 2020 Six Nations concludes, but with the Coronavirus still limiting all sport and rugby, it is unclear when this will be.

Recently Sam Underhill and Tom Curry were spotted in some Umbro apparel which proved quite decisive online, although it should be acknowledged that it is almost certainly training kit and not the match day uniform.

Regardless, with this news doing the rounds on social media, and many people posting pictures of what the leaked kit may look like, we decided to look at some of the best and worst England kits from years gone by.

The Best


Lots of you picked out this kit which England wore to celebrate 100 years of international fixtures at Twickenham, the first of which was a match between England and Wales in 1910.

In 2010 England again played Wales and were victorious 30-17.

2003 World Cup

Pretty unflashy in its design but England won their sole World Cup in it so it has to be one of the best right?

Black (2011 World Cup)

Sure, England are supposed to wear white and the All Blacks seem to have a monopoly on the colour, but England’s black kit during the 2011 World Cup actually looked good, unlike some of the kits below…

The Worst

Purple (2009)

England’s first foray into the colour purple may have proved surprisingly popular at the time, but in hindsight, it really isn’t great…

2007 World Cup

When we took to Twitter to ask for your suggestions this red and white design was regularly cited as one of the worst. Although the memory of England losing the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final may have something to do with that.

Purple (2012)

This kit regularly features highly when people are asked about the worst England rugby kits ever.

Space Invader Homage?

Admittedly this is an England Sevens kit, but we aren’t really sure what kind of design Canterbury were going for here…

England Sevens (2012)

2012 wasn’t a great year for England kits. The purple kit Robshaw is wearing above was roundly criticised and this design for the England Sevens teams wasn’t much better.

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