If you want to train like a professional rugby player, you should make full use of a Wattbike. England's back-room team offer some advice…

Want to find out how to train like a pro rugby player? In this video, we hear from the experts behind the scenes at England Rugby. Head of Athletic Performance Matt Parker, sports scientist Ben Pollard and strength & conditioning coach Dave Silvester share their top tips to get you training like a pro.

Silvester says you should use a Wattbike to suit the demands of your chosen sport. “There’s a need for prolonged aerobic capacity, which the bikes are brilliant for, but don’t just stick with those,” he comments. “Look to do some short, sharp, high-interval, high-power outputs with short rest through sessions. This will build up different styles of fitness needed for the game.

“Make it progressive, don’t go all out every session. Use the bike’s great information feedback to record what you’re doing and plan accordingly around that. Then also use the bike as a recovery process as well as a physical preparation tool.”

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