Find out what top players are eating to fuel their careers

There are several different elements that go into an elite player’s performance but one key question is what does a professional rugby player eat> Rugby players have been sharing their diets more frequently on social media and England have particularly taken to it on their platforms.

The team, who are currently competing in the Six Nations, shared a video of full-back Freddie Steward breaking down what he will eat in a day.

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What does a rugby player eat?

For breakfast Steward has a cheese and chorizo omelette with a side of baked beans and a latte. At lunchtime Steward eats chicken, rice, potato and vegetables, as well as a chicken wrap with a side salad and fruit and yoghurt. For dinner, katsu curry is on the menu alongside beef bourguignon and a protein shake.

For snacks, the Leicester Tigers player has banana bread, flapjack and a barbecue chicken wrap. The diet consists of just over 4,000 calories, needed with the training and playing that is part of Steward’s career.

The breakdown of Steward’s diet is a typical day but on game day meal patterns can be disrupted. England shared a post on the U20s men’s team digging into a post-game meal of pizza. Sides will treat themselves after the physical exertion of playing 80 minutes.

How many eggs do the England rugby team eat?

England head chef Thomas Kirby revealed that over 300 eggs a day are consumed by the England rugby team. He made the 2,000 across a week and over 15,000 for an entire Six Nations. That’s a lot of eggs!

How much milk do rugby players drink?

As well as an insight into England players food intake, the team have also posted about the amount of milk they drink. The team’s chef Kirby revealed the entire team go through 40 to 50 litres of milk every day when in camp.

“From the morning porridges and coffees through to afternoon shakes and smoothies,” he said. “The list is pretty extensive. I would say over eight weeks [during the Six Nations] you are going to be looking at about 2,500 litres.”

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