“I asked the players not to go out and I learned a little later some of them did. We spoke about this this morning and I told them what I thought of them, that they were selfish, disobedient and that for four years they have been on my case. But at the end of the day it won’t stand in the way that we are in the final.”

– France coach Marc Lièvremont was not a happy man on Sunday morning as a few of his winning side ventured out to celebrate following Saturday’s semi-final victory over Wales.

“We spoke about (why they went out) and it is really not that important. In the end a cigarette, a dessert after dinner or a couple of drinks will not affect how you play in the final.”
– However, no doubt to the relief of the transgressors, Lièvremont displayed his forgiving nature by taking a pragmatic approach.

“It is very difficult to play a team with 14 players on the field. We talked about it at half-time and the Welsh have a great character to them and I thought they came out fantastically in the second half. They were close to winning the game.
– Les Bleus’ English defence coach David Ellis was relieved to see France secure a 9-8 last-four success over the Welsh at Eden Park.

“I am still getting over this one, mate.”
– Disappointed Wales defence coach Shaun Edwards is not quite ready to look ahead to RWC 2015 in England after the one-point loss to France.

“I am obviously empty really. We are not playing in the premier event in world rugby and I think in the opinion of the rugby world we could or should have been there.”
Edwards elaborates on how it feels to have come so far and yet missed out on reaching the grand finale.