bod and dkFour Irish fans have brought our a single to support their team in New Zealand.

One of the band members Mark Fraser explains: “For the first time ever an Irish World Cup Rugby song has been released! Its going to be big and we want you to help spread the word!

“We are four lads from Ireland who seen an opportunity to write, produce and perform a wee song to gee up the Irish supporters in pubs and clubs across the world during the 2011 rugby world cup in New Zealand. It’s all ready gathering pace locally but we want it to be global.

“The song is called Come on the Irish! Its a really up beat Irish folk sound with a catchy chorus which grows on you with every listen.

“All we ask is that you have a listen, if you like it help spread the word……. And of course keep us updated on what’s happening!!”

You can check out the song here:

And our facebook page:!/pages/Ireland-2011-rugby-world-cup-song-Come-on-the-Irish/238066936229397