In the February 2023 edition of Rugby World, the Leinster and Ireland livewire talked to us about his evolving approach to attack


Jordan Larmour is one of European rugby’s most pioneering attackers. But those watching the 2024 Six Nations may want a refresher on him.

And in the February 2023 edition of Rugby World Larmour told us he thinks a lot about how he has evolved his approach to attacking rugby.

Larmour is a late call-up to face Scotland in the very last round of the 2024 championship.

In that feature of the mag, Bernard Jackman told us that Larmour was “the Cheslin Kolbe of Irish rugby, he needs to get fit and playing for Leinster. He’s competing with Jimmy O’Brien for that versatile spot – get ahead of him in blue and he’ll be ahead in green.”

Jordan Larmour on beating defenders

In that feautre in 2023, Larmour told us: “Coming out of school or the academy, I was a bit raw. I’d go off on these mad runs, I didn’t really know where I was going. I probably wasn’t seeing pictures on the pitch.

“So a big part of it that we talk about is the scanning piece, looking up and seeing what the defence is doing. So I’ve been trying to see the picture, put a call in and get the ball, you know, into space. Obviously you don’t want to take away from running with the ball and

trying to take people on, one-on-one, and beat them. That’s something that I really enjoy doing on the pitch.”

Later, Jordan Larmour gave us an insight into what it feels like, mid-break.

He told us: “That is something I really enjoy – beating people one-on-one. I’m always watching other rugby players and seeing what they like to do. Yeah, it is a good feeling.

“And you contribute to the team with that, with a line break or something…

“One that sticks out was in my first season, when we went down to Munster on Stephen’s Day. I got the ball on the 22 and beat a few lads and scored a try. That was a pretty cool moment.

“I was just on the scene and as a kid you always dream of scoring a cool try or beating a defender with a nice step or something like that. Yeah, a bit surreal.

“At the time you’re just sort of doing it, not really thinking about it. And I play my best rugby when I’m not overthinking it. I’m just going off feel, really. So that was a nice moment as well. Having my mum and dad in the crowd was also cool.”

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