We have been in contact with the National Rugby Federation of Ukraine. Here is their update on the current situation

A message from Ukrainian rugby

In the last few weeks there have been several questions about the rugby community in Ukraine as conflict in their region rages on following the Russian invasion. Rugby fans have asked about their safety, whereabouts, what they are doing, how those outside of Ukraine might help, and what Ukrainians might wish to convey to the global community.

Last night, a spokesperson from the National Rugby Federation of Ukraine gave Rugby World this update from their base in Poland, to answer several of these questions.

They said: “For the Ukrainian rugby community, yes, we try to keep all together and help each other in any way we can. The situation in the various regions of Ukraine is different, as is the level of danger.

“We have a strong rugby community in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Irpin, as well as Donetsk region. These places are the red zone of the war now and some players and coaches are still there. Some of them don’t want to leave. Some of them just can’t. We are monitoring the situation and trying to keep an eye on everyone.

“The president and the executive director are helping our military forces with donations and providing goods and services for them. Along with this, they organised the camp for refugees in the Vinnysa region.

“As for the outside help, we are covered by care and support of most of the European rugby unions, Rugby Europe and World Rugby. We feel that solidarity and integrity fully.

“Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Wales, England, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Denmark and Netherlands are fully involved in many possible ways to help us. With humanitarian aid, creating funding for support, or sheltering representatives of our union and their families. 

Rugby Europe’s fundraiser for the Ukrainian rugby community

“Poland, in the current situation, is the most involved for sure. Now we are trying to organise our U18 national female player group going to Poland to be able to train and be safe. And we have the most determined fan of Ukrainian Rugby people in our own Iwan Rewko, who is fantastically supportive.

“Unfortunately, our rugby society suffers losses within the civilian population and with those who joined the military…

“The only message we would like to send is this: We want our lives from before the war back – the peace and sport, forever and ever.”

If you would like to make a donation to the rugby community in Ukraine, follow the link above. Your support will be deeply appreciated.

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