We’ve all seen a fine Darcy Graham try or 12. But what stands out about the Edinburgh and Scotland flyer is that he loves to score. Just look at his wee face.

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, in an exclusive interview with Rugby World we talked about a wide range of subjects, from his love of horse riding to his fledgling family clothing business. But we also asked a few questions about the art of try-scoring.

Here is what Graham had to say about it in our magazine that was out at the end of July.

Rugby World: What is your mentality like with try-scoring? Does that get you out of bed in the morning?

Darcy Graham: “I think I’ve always just had an eye for it. For me, rugby is an easy game. Get the ball and run. And if there’s somebody with the ball, just tackle them! I think we make it too complicated nowadays, but I’ll just try to beat people and get over that try-line. My job as a winger is to score tries.

“I don’t overthink stuff. I just kind of do it – there’s almost a wee voice inside my head and the first thing that comes in my head, I’ll do it, because 99% of the time it’s correct.

“I’ve not really worked on the types of finishes. That just goes back to how I grew up. I did all sports and gymnastics was massive for me. Looking back at it, you were getting yourself into forward rolls and handstands and headstands, and all that. You get yourself into some funny positions there, so maybe that stood me in good stead.”

What does it feel like to score tries on the biggest stage, though?

Darcy Graham:  “It’s mostly an adrenalin rush. Especially when the crowd’s going through the roof. I love that. And in a team that’s my job. But that’s also where Scotland have really pushed on: everyone knows their jobs. You’ve got Finn Russell controlling the game, you have the forwards doing the hard yards, wingers scoring tries. Everyone knows the job inside and out. But I love just chasing, and then seeing what it means to the fans. I chase that buzz.”

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