Everyone’s favourite tight-head Adam Jones caused much mirth last month with his unexpected attempt at a drop-goal against Munster, that dropped just short of the posts – although, we should mention he knew he had a penalty goal coming. It was a swing of the boot that left the Front Row Union reeling.

The 100-cap Wales and Lions legend, decided to take his burgeoning reputation as a kicker to give Sky Sports a little insight into his technique with three fail-safe tips for a successful drop-goal.

In the final shot, some suspiciously non-tree trunk thighs are seen drilling the ball effortlessly through the sticks before we see a certain Blues pivot in the form of Gareth Ancombe coming into shot and the duo walking off into the sunset (okay, we’re adding dramatic effect…). Could Adam have been trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

It’s all good fun and the perfect appetiser to the Welsh Christmas derbies.