Chris Robshaw and George North are renowned for their skill and power on the field of rugby, but what are they like on the basketball court?

They’ll be knocking bells out of each other this evening but away from the cauldron of noise at the Millennium Stadium, England captain, Chris Robshaw and Wales wing George North, took on the challenge of shooting hoops in a contest compered by David ‘Shaq Attack’ Flatman.

In Round 1, with the free throw, North shows the skills of a back three player, to go into the lead, while Robshaw pushes his shot onto the rim and out. In Round 2, the hook shot, ‘grenade style’, North – what had obviously been practising – puts another ball into the net, while Robshaw pulls his horribly wide.

In, Round 3, North, who will surely be scouted for the NBA soon, nails the reverse back ‘over the head’ shot, while Robshaw can only squew his shot wide.

With a rugby ball in Round 4, Robshaw’s mojo returned as he deftly spun a pass into the net, while North, surprisingly rimmed the hoop with the oval ball.

For the final round, it was a simple punt into the net, which North netted on his second attempt. Robshaw replied with a deft kick, Lionel Messi would have been proud of.

Final score George North (Wales) 4 Chris Robshaw (England) 2.

Will the Welsh keep the lead at 10pm tonight? We haven’t got long to find out.

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