Some 97.2% of clubs who voted were in favour of change

With a vote held on extensive governance reform for the Welsh Rugby Union, at today’s extraordinary general meeting, 245 of the 252 votes cast were in favour of an overhaul. With 75% of votes needed for the resolution to be put in motion, 97.2% of clubs who voted were in favour.

In the wake of allegations of sexism and misogyny within the WRU in recent times, this is a move to “modernise” the WRU’s board to bring more expertise and diversity to the game in Wales.

After the vote, the WRU can now double the number of independent members (INEDs) on the board from three to six, including bringing in  an independent WRU chair for the first time, alongside the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) chair in addition to four separate independent members.

The number of elected national or district members will also half from eight to four.

Acting WRU chief executive Nigel Walker said: “We hope to complete the process for change by December this year, but the first steps will be taken immediately.

“We need a new chair in place first and the recruitment process for INEDs, and of course any potential new CEO, will follow from there, with a natural stage at our AGM in November where the composition of our elected members will evolve due to a number reaching the end of their terms of office.

“This is just the beginning of a journey which will see the trust and faith of a nation in Welsh rugby restored and revitalised.

“There is a lot of hard work ahead of us but this is a genuinely uplifting moment in the history of our game.”

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