At the moment the Welsh Premiership are trialling a new points system where a try is worth six points and all kicks – from drop-goals to penalties and conversions – are worth just two points.

The experiment, which has been sanctioned by World Rugby, is being conducted throughout the 2015-16 Principality Premiership and the WRU U18 Wednesday League seasons in Wales. And at the start of September, Pontypridd’s Alex Webber scored the game’s first six-point try.

The hope is that the trial will reveal whether an increase in the points-value for a try and a decrease in the points-value of penalties and drop-goals will encourage more running rugby. The current points system has only been in place since 1992, when a try moved from a value of four points to five and now the powers that be are considering the merits of upping the value of a try again.

We want to know what you think about this. Do you think this will stop teams milking penalties or drop-goals and trying to claim more tries, or do you think this is a waste of time? Take the poll below and leave a comment too…