The USA Sevens star and the fastest man in rugby gives us an insight into his personality off the pitch

RUGBY WORLD: Have you got any hidden talents?

CARLIN ISLES: I can juggle. But only with three things three at a time.

RW: What are your three most prized possessions?

CI: My Nike Flyknit Racers. I have about 50 pairs of shoes. Also my bible, which I read every night, and my stud earrings. I’ve got to have a bit of bling!

RW: Who are the jokers in the USA Sevens squad?

CI: Andrew Durutalo, though all the guys have a good sense of humour. I got concussed once playing against New Zealand. They came over when I was trying to get up and told me I was at Disneyland!

Andrew Durutalo

Star joker: Andrew Durutalo makes a break for USA Sevens v Canada

RW: What can’t you live without?

CI: Wi-Fi! I sit outside hotel rooms on tour trying to get the best connection. I’m always texting, or on Facebook or Twitter. I like to keep up with my family – I have three brothers and sevens sisters.

RW: Which three people would you invite to dinner?

CI: Bobby Valentino – he’s one of my favourite singers. Mike Epps, a comedian I like. And Usain Bolt. I’d ask him all about his training regimen and running skills, and what separates him from everyone else.

RW: What do you do outside of rugby?

CI: I love coaching biomechanics. I studied it when I was younger. I correct people’s gait to help them run faster. When I want to switch off completely, I just chill. I enjoy watching movies, and dancing and singing too.

RW: Do you have any phobias?

CI: I don’t like snakes. Once in Texas I was walking along and one slithered across my foot!

RW: What about superstitions?

CI: I have to feel fast so I always listen to music before a game, or have a prayer. R&B gets me in my groove.

RW: Who would you like to play alongside?

CI: Bryan Habana or Shane Williams. I’ve never met them, but I have spoken to them. They give good advice and encouragement.

RW: Embarrassing rugby moment?

CI: Apart from not scoring a try for Ayr, the time I gave the ball to the referee! I’d just started playing and I came from American Football so I was used to doing that.

RW: How’d you like to be remembered?

CI: As one of the fastest players in the world, but also as inspirational and one of the nicest guys with it.

This interview was published in the June 2014 edition of Rugby World. Click here for the latest subscription offers.