The Chiefs back-row showed his turnover skills in Super Rugby – here are his tips

How to boss the breakdown – by Lachlan Boshier

Chiefs back-row Lachlan Boshier demonstrated how effective he is at winning turnover ball during Super Rugby in 2020 and here he offers his top tips on bossing the breakdown…


“Is there time and space to get on the ball? That’s what I make my decision around. It’s about anticipating how the tackle unfolds.

“If the cleaners are right there, it’s harder to get in over the ball. It’s also about how the ball-carrier falls. If it’s a dominant tackle, it can be harder as there might be bodies in the way; your team-mates might be on top of him. Those things are all a factor.”

Find your stance

“Everyone is different and has a different body position that is strong for them. For me, a wide base support and being as low as possible works; I get my hips low so someone coming through can’t get under me.

“It’s about taking little things from other people and finding what works best for you, what’s comfortable for you.”

Read the ref

“Every ref has different interpretations so it’s knowing what they’re looking for. For example, at the start of Super Rugby Aotearoa, a couple of pulls and people were rewarded.

“You get a fair idea in the first 20 from what your team and the other team are doing and how the ref sees it. If there are a few penalties early on for not supporting your bodyweight or the jackler is penalised, I’d leave it for a little bit. You get a feel for it during games.”

Train for games

“In training you can either strip it back or make it as game-like as possible. We try to make it realistic.

“We might take out the collision but have a ball-carrier tackled, the second man arriving and getting in a strong position, then one or two people cleaning out. It’s working on the technique.”

This article originally appeared in the October 2020 edition of Rugby World magazine.

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