The Red Roses wing gives her top tips on this fundamental skill

How to present the ball – by Jess Breach

As a ball-carrier, you have numerous decisions to make – whether to run or pass or take contact. If you are tackled, it’s important to try to keep the ball alive for your team so the attack can continue, and that is why ball presentation on the floor is such a key skill.

Here Red Roses wing Jess Breach gives her advice how to present the ball…

Train as you play

“In training we have a game called BIF: Body In Front. It’s not full contact but as a defender you have to get your body in front of the attacker to stop them.

“It’s more game realistic and means attackers need to use footwork to get around them.”

Watch the defender

“It’s important to win the collision. When you win the collision, you get the momentum, and it makes it easier for those rucking over to get clean ball.

“I look at people’s hips and try to get into a gap in the defence. As the attacker, you want to avoid going body on body in a tackle and instead aim for those arm tackles you know you can break through.”

How to present the ball

Amy Cokayne presents the ball in an England training drill (Andrew Sydenham)

Protect the ball

“When you go to ground, land on your front, on top of the ball. Use your hips and swivel round to get into a long pencil shape. You don’t want to expose the ball to jacklers. You must present the ball effectively to get into good habits, otherwise it’s a turnover.

“We improve our core strength with a drill where you drop to ground and have a partner acting as a deadweight on your back; you then need to work to swivel your hips and present the ball.”

Clear your mind

“If you lose a turnover, just forget about it and get back into the habit of what you are doing. Don’t dwell on those turnovers, just remember what you’ve been coached and go again.”

This article originally appeared in Rugby World magazine’s November 2022 edition.

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