tom may toulonFROM TOM May: “I’m often asked about life in a team where the players come from all corners of the world. How can you knit team spirit, especially in Toulon where there is so much local pride in the shirt.

“Bearing in mind we come from all over the world it is one of the tightest groups I have played within, which is quite strange considering we have guys from South Africa, Japan, England, even France all coming together. Obviously individual players find it tough but the group always stays tight, as everyone is so supportive to do well. There is a great desire from all the individuals to push themselves forward as much as they can, and take the opportunities when they come.

“One of the things I promised myself is that I would come away from this contract being able to speak French and I can do that now. As Philippe (the coach) Saint-Andrew is French all the instructions given that way but there is always someone on hand to do the translating if it is needed.

“My wife, Kate works in make-up for films so it has proved pretty difficult for her. I’m very aware I have taken her away from what she wants to do. It has been a fantastic opportunity for her. Difficult for us both to start with but she’s now buying into it.

“Speak to you next week”

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