The 29-year-old told his story in his own unique way

Prop Marcel Renata has revealed the reason why he had to have one of his fingers cut off. The New Zealander plays for the Blues, who shared a hilarious clip on social media detailing what happened to the 29-year-old.

“I’ve got nine fingers,” Renata began, to a sombre backdrop. “I was in Africa recently and decided to go out great white [shark] viewing. I put my finger out to give it a little rub and it chomped my finger. I’ve gone to pull out and it’s just taken the end out.”

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The video then takes a light-hearted turn as Renata runs through a list of other possible explanations.

“So I was just chopping up tofu and I was watching The Chase at the same time. Whack! Finger gone,” he continued. “Yeah I went on a safari and a lion was just chilling next to us and I decided to play with its fur a little bit and it whacked my finger off.

“I was trying to get in the car and I just slammed the door – finger off! “I was trying to eat a pie and drink a beer at the same time and by the time the skill saw went through it was too late to pull my finger out. Gone.

“Big 80-pound snapper, as I pulled the hook out it got my finger and snapped my finger out.”

Finally, time for the truth…

Renata finger injury explained

“I’ve had a few issues with my finger over the last few years,” Renata, who twice played against the British & Irish Lions on their 2017 Tour, said.

“Just constant dislocations and because it was dislocated for so long before I got it scanned the joint was pretty much buggered so bits of bone were missing and it was just giving me issues for the last year and a bit.

“It got to the point where I had surgery and I had little wires in it for 12 weeks to try and fix it and 12th week I got the wires out and the thing flipped back out again.

“That left me with two choices. The first one was to fuse it straight, which the surgeons wanted but I just thought it would be a little bit niggly so I decided to whack her off and I’m left with a bit of a stump.

“I couldn’t really catch a ball or pass properly so I was pretty much in there just clearing rucks, which is good, it’s my job.

“I’m pretty content with my decision, one of the easiest decisions I’ve made.

“It was a little bit tough the first few weeks getting used to it, I couldn’t throw any decent seeds or anything but the human body is amazing and after a few weeks I’m pretty much back to normal.

“I’m able to tackle properly, grab people, wrestle and most importantly scrum.

“I’ve got a good support network around me and great family and friends that have helped me through it so I’m going strong.

“RIP my finger!”

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